Ratings are calculated in a similar way to that of chess (and various other sports) ratings. A win will always result in an increase in rating and loss will result in a decrease in rating. However, the amount of rating gained/lost depends on:

  • The ratings of the other players at the table: For instance, a win against a higher-ranked player will result in a greater increase in rating than a win against a similarly or lower-ranked player. In the same way, a loss to a lower-ranked player will result in a greater decrease in rating than a loss to a similarly-ranked or higher-ranked player.
  • The points gained and lost: The more points earned by the winner and the more points deducted from an opponent the greater the impact on the rating for a given game.
  • The number of games played on the platform: Players will see greater swings in ratings when first joining the platform, with a more accurate rating being accomplished over time.

Each player starts at a rating of 1500 and this will fluctuate based on wins/losses. The accuracy of a player's rating increases the more games played. Even though Mah Jongg is partially a game of chance, the luck will even out over time (ie, good days will cancel out bad ones), and statistically a player's rating will be accurate in the long run.