Before the game starts, you will see which tile style is currently selected. You can choose a different style by clicking the "Change Tiles" button (shown below):

You can also choose your preferred tiles anytime during the game by choosing "Tile Style" from the Options menu (the gear).

By default, the game will use a CLASSIC style of tiles, as found in standard Mah Jongg sets.

For people who prefer larger print or are playing on a smaller device (or both), we've designed a special set of tiles we call "Large Print". They essentially use the number and the suit symbol to make the tile more legible.

You can also choose one of several beautiful and creative tile sets designed by The Mahjong Line. We show a sample of these below:

Botanical - Paris Pink

Minimal - Ceylon Blue

Cheeky - Santa Monica

Ocean -Barely Blue

Lucky - Joshua Tree

Lucky - Jade Green