To manage the items (tables, chairs, mahj sets) you need for a game you're hosting, please follow these steps:

  1. When you sign up to host a game, indicate how many of each item you can provide.
  2. When group members get the invitation for this game, they will be asked if they can provide some items.
  3. When someone indicates they can provide items, you (the host) will get an email with the details. You can also see a summary of who provided what on the game's page.
  4. The system calculates how many items are actually needed based on the number of people signed up for the game.
  5. Two days, before the game, the system will:
    • Email members letting them know which and how many of their items are actually needed.
    • Email members to request more items, if not enough were provided.
    • Send you (the host) a summary of who's providing what.
    • In case of last-minute sign-ups that require more items, please reach out to the people listed in the email you received.