You can find your game stats under the "Your Name" tab (top right of the screen), then "My Game Stats".

Here are the various stats you can track:

  • Total number of games played
  • Number of wins, losses and wall games
  • Pie chart of wins, losses and wall games
  • Average game duration
  • Average think time (for Charleston and Game)
  • Total points earned and deducted (how are points calculated?)
  • Average number of points earned per game
  • Number of times your hand has been called dead
  • Average number of jokers received and swapped
  • Current rating (how is this determined?)
  • Rating history graph
  • List of hands completed online
    • All hands are listed and the completed ones are highlighted in blue. This allows you to see which hands and sections you are doing most frequently and perhaps challenge yourself to do hands you're less familiar with.
    • Includes the number of times you've completed that hand and the percentage of total
  • List of hands completed in person. See how to track in-person games.
  • Combined view of completed hands.

Game statistics are only calculated for "official" games (not when playing "just-for-fun" games).