For those who are playing multiplayer games, you know that one of the strengths of our platform is the ability to see and talk to each other directly though the game (no need for phone conference, zoom, etc). However, there are a few gotchas that may get in the way of a successful audio/video connection. So here are some tips to get your connection working:

  1. First, the obvious. Make sure you have a working microphone and it's not muted and the camera is not covered.
  2. When you first launch a multiplayer game, your browser will prompt you to grant the game access to the microphone and camera. Please say YES to this permission, otherwise the audio/video connection can't work. You can always mute and hide yourself later during the game by clicking the microphone or camera button under your picture. It should only ask you for this permission the first time. But depending on the platform you're playing on and your configuration, it may ask you periodically (or even every time). If you have previously said No to this permission, your browser may not ask you again and audio/video won't work. If that's the case, please follow the instructions in this article.
  3. Make sure you use the right browser:
    • On iPads or iPhones, use Safari. 
    • On Windows, macs or Android, use Chrome.
  4. Older versions of browsers sometimes have issues with audio connections (especially iPads ). Make sure you run the latest version of the operating system on your device.
  5. Ensure your camera and mic are not already used by another app.
  6. Try muting and unmuting the mic  and temporarily turning your camera off and on (buttons below video)
  7. To check your camera and microphone are set up correctly, please run through our Audio/Video Test
  8. We recommend players use a headset to reduce echo and ambient noise.