We offer several ways to play with others. But the fastest way to start a quick game with friends is the "Personal Table".

Every member has an easy-to-use Personal Table. Your table can be found on the Game Launchpad (under PLAY menu) and your friends can join your table from their "My Friends" page (under THEIR NAME, top right) - they’ll click the JOIN TABLE button next to your name.

An alternative way for your friends to get to your Personal Table is via the Game Launchpad. Your friends can: 

  1. Choose "Play at a Personal Table"
  2. Click "Join Someone's Table"
  3. Select your name from the friends dropdown, OR find you by name
  4. Click Join Table

So, you can just tell your friends "let's play tonight at 9pm, I’ll see you at MY table".

Here's what it looks like on the Game Launchpad:

Bots will always fill in where necessary, so there's no need to have a full table of friends.

Note: as all members have a Personal Table, it's important to communicate which player's Personal Table you will be playing at.