I Love Mahj gives you the ability to track your in-person wins and losses. What could be more handy than tracking both your online and in-person Mahj games all in one place!

Visit your My Game Stats page and scroll down to where you’ll now find the following THREE "Hands Completed" views.

  1. ONLINE GAME - automatically calculated from games played on I Love Mahj
  2. IN-PERSON GAME - winning hands populated manually by you
  3. COMBINED - showing your overall completion of the card (both online plus offline hands won - including money/points won and lost, if you like to track that!).

In addition to accessing through your My Game Stats page, you can also click the new "My in-person games" menu option under your name (top right of the website). This will allow you to quickly get to the input area when playing in-person games.


To record an in-person win, click the "Add a Win" button and select the card section, then the line and the points multiplier (if any), then click Save. This can be quickly done on your phone or iPad at the end of each game (or added later when you’re back in front of your computer).


Click the "Add a Loss" button and enter the number of points lost.


Besides tracking your card completion, the tool will also track your total number of wins and losses and your point total (points earned - points lost).

In-person game tracking is only available for the 2021, 2022 and 2023 cards (not for previous years).

Note that you do not need to be an I Love Mahj subscriber to track in-person hands. This feature is available at no cost.