You can play with friends of your groups in 3 ways:

Use your Personal Table

This is definitely the simplest option and good for one-off games. 

  1. Agree with your friends regarding when to play and whose personal table you will be playing at.
  2. The owner of the personal table will head to it via the GAME LAUNCHPAD and select "Play on my Personal Table". 
  3. The other players would either
    • go to their MY FRIENDS page (under THEIR NAME, top right of website) and click "Join Table" next to the owner’s name of the personal table being used. 
    • OR, from the launchpad, your friends would 
      • Choose "Play at a Personal Table"
      • Click Join Someone's Table
      • Select your name from the friends dropdown, OR find you by name
      • Click Join Table
  4. As long as you agree on whose personal table to use, you should all find yourselves in the same game.

To see a demo, check out this video

Invite friends (and fellow group members)

  1. Open the "Game Launchpad" under the Play menu
  2. Choose the "Play with Friends" option
  3. Choose up to 3 people from the drop down lists (you can type part of their name to narrow the list). The lists include players you added to your "My Friends" list as well as members of the group(s) you belong to.
  4. Decide to 
    • keep the date open (you will determine later among yourselves when you want to play)
    • schedule the game. Select a date, time and time zone
  5. Optionally add a note for your friends
  6. Click "Send Invitations"
  7. You and your invitees will receive an email with a link that can be used to join a private table
  8. The table will also show up on everyone’s MY SCHEDULE page (under YOUR NAME, top right of the website), and you can join the table from here too.
  9. Your table is totally private and nobody outside your invited friends can see it or ask to join.

This is a good option when playing regularly with the same group of friends, as the table remains active on your schedule page. However, if you’ve created several tables for friends games, please ensure all players use the same table (otherwise you’ll all end up in different places!).

To see a demo, check out this video

Create a group

If you have a group of friends and want to schedule ad-hoc or recurring games, creating a group is a good option. It allows you to manage your member list, schedule games (online or in-person), automatically send invites, manage RSVPs, etc.

  1. Create a group
  2. Invite friends to join
  3. Schedule games
  4. On game day, navigate to your group's page (under the My Groups menu)
  5. The next scheduled game will be displayed
  6. Shortly before the scheduled time, click "Seating Plan"
  7. Find your table and click "Join Table"

For more information on managing groups, see this article, and for online group see this article

To see a demo, check out this video