To find existing mah jongg groups in a specific area, follow these steps.

  1. Select "Find a Group" under the "My Groups" menu (take me there)
  2. In the location field, start typing a city or zip code. A list of matches displays.
  3. Select the desired match in the list.
  4. If you don't see your desired match, keep typing more characters until you see it, then select it.
  5. Select a radius for your search (the number of miles around the selected location to search for groups).
  6. Click "Search".
  7. A list of groups is displayed, including its location (and distance from your searched location) and the group description.
    Note that groups marked as private are not shown.
  8. To go to the group's page (and potentially join it), click "Go to group page".
  9. If no group is found in the area, try expanding your radius.
  10. If you still find no group, you can:
    1. Create a Mahjong group
    2. Click "Let me know when a group is created in this area" and enter your name and email. We will notify you when a group is created in that area.